Information for leaders


This page has been put together by the Website Development Team to provide guidance to Leaders on how we organise and run our online training and hopefully help you organise your own.

One of the main questions we get is if this website is only for the use of Braid and Pentland or if others across the UK can use it too. We not only allow but actively encourage you to use this website to support your own training if you think it would be helpful. Our resources have been fully endorsed by Scouts UK and we intend to keep them up to date into the future.

How to use the Young Leader Training website

The Website Development Team have spent time understanding and recognising how the Young Leaders Scheme can be offered via e-learning where possible and ensuring that the importance of the Modules has not been lost through e-learning.

Each Module offers a range of activities and the Website Development Team’s hope was to make the activities individual led, however, there are times when we suggest that the help of a parent, sibling or friend may be useful. Each Module and Mission has been checked that it meets the requirements through the use of the ‘Prepare to Lead’ book produced by the UK Scouts Association.

The use of Online Scout Manager (OSM)

We use Online Scout Manager to accept Young Leader’s evidence for Modules or Missions through using the ‘Badges at Home’ function. This will assist the administration of your Young Leader Unit through the below steps laid out.

If you’ve never used it before, Online Scout Manager allows for all of your administration for your Group, Section or Explorer Unit to be in one place. Allowing for functions like Group/Section Management of Personal Records, Badge Records, Programme Planning Functions, Parent Portal Options & lately the option for ‘Badges at Home function’.

OSM plans

OSM allows Leaders to select different packages so you can customise it to your needs. Every Scout Group / Explorer Unit will have their own way of keeping track of how Young Leaders progress through their training. We suggest that if you opt for utilising the Young Leader Training Website, it is built to assist with the ‘Badges at Home’ function which can be found under the “Additional Upgrades on their pricing strategy.


What is our background in the YL Scheme?
All members of the Website Development Team currently hold roles associated with The Scout Association (UK), with a focus on the YL Scheme whether that be at District or County Levels. Between us, we have over 20 years of experience working with the scheme. The majority of the Team have all been Young Leaders themselves, and have completed a version of the scheme throughout the years!
Can you use this Training for Young Leaders in my own District/County/Region?
Yes absolutely! Since launching the website in May 2020, the Website Development Team have witnessed up to 500 unique visits per month! Throughout the process of developing the Young Leader Website, we have been in talks with Scouts UK for content and branding permissions. With this, we have an agreement that we will keep this website updated with any changes that come in via the Scouts UK website; for this reason, we would recommend that you just link to our website from your own website or material. However, if you wish to take the content then it will be your responsibility to make sure any changes that happen are updated at your end.
I’m a Young Leader, can I use this website?
Yes absolutely! We built the website for you - so no matter what you can continue your training and development through the scheme during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, we have decided to keep the website as a central part of our training going forward, so keep using it and keep in touch with your local Young Leader Team.
Do I need to do more training on top of any modules that I do via the website?
For this question, we can’t say Yes or No. This decision will be completely up to your local Young Leader Team as they can advise you on what they expect! The Website Development Team have taken the content & activities from the Prepare to Lead book from Scouts UK.
I’m a Young Leader, but I don’t have access to OSM
Double check with your Leaders whether they use Online Scout Manager. If not, don’t worry, you can still use the website through either achieving the modules by writing your answers out and sending them to your Leaders via email. Just to be sure, ask your Explorer Leader or your Young Leader Contact.
I am a Section Leader, but we don’t use OSM
You don’t need it for your Young Leaders to access this site, your Young Leaders can email you their answers. Although we would recommend that you look into getting started with OSM. It makes admin so easy!
I am a Section Leader, what are the benefits for using OSM?
To be honest, we are big advocates for OSM and use it for everything! One of the biggest benefits of utilising OSM is that it allows you to track the progress of your Young Leaders across your Group, District, County or Region. It makes your administration so much easier if there is one record for each Young Person that can be shared with multiple groups/sections/units.
Can I go anywhere for further information?
Yes absolutely! You can go to for more information on the scheme, this website will provide all the latest updates and advice for Leaders, Young Leaders and Parents. You can also get in touch with your local Young Leader Team or District Commissioner, they should be able to put you in contact with someone who can support you!