Welcome to Young Leader Training Online!

Online Training is becoming the new normal, and why should Young Leader Training be any different? In June 2020, the Young Leader Training website was released with the primary aim of supporting Young Leaders through their Top Award journey, whilst also having the opportunity to inform leaders on the scheme through outlining all modules and missions included.

Since we launched, the Website Development Team has been overwhelmed by the amount of support from Leaders from the Scout Association, highlighting the benefits this website provides them. The team have taken advice from Scouts UK, Leaders from Sections and Young Leaders of how we can maximise this experience. In January 2021, the Website Development Team took this advice and feedback forward to provide the website with a few updates; from advice for leaders, further clarification on Top Awards and what we look for, and finally an update of the platform.

This website has been put together in cooperation between Braid and Pentland District’s Young Leader Training Teams. The team consists of Allison Gamble (ESL-YL Braid), Scott Robinson (ESL-YL Pentland), Fraser Liddle (AESL-YL Pentland), Ryan Schuller (AESL-YL Braid) and Matthew Wilson (AESL-YL Braid). You can find out more about our team here.

If you are a leader looking for information on how you can deploy online training for your young leaders then you can find that here.

The team want to thank home districts for their continued support through the development of this website.

For more support, advice or feedback, please feel free to contact Allison, Scott or Ryan via email at: